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New Construction Inspection 


Phase I: Foundation or Pre-Pour Inspection

We start with a Foundation Inspection. This inspection takes place before the concrete is poured ensuring that the footings are in accordance with the design specifications, (i.e., size and /or dimensions of the support beams, and structural steel content) and that the post-tension cables are properly placed and installed. This inspection also includes inspecting for proper placement, installation, and protection of the water lines.

Phase II: Pre-Drywall Inspection

Before the drywall & insulation go up, we perform an inspection of the framing structure and all load bearing components for proper installation. We examine the plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-ins to ensure they meet proper building requirements and standards.


Phase III: Final Inspection

When the house is complete, we conduct a Final Inspection where we evaluate the entire home for all required building standards and compliance, as well as for function and safety of the installed systems and components.


These inspections are not all about proper placement of building components but are designed to be informative and educational. The report will identify sizing, spacing, materials used and location of HVAC Equipment, panel boxes, water heaters, water lines and plumbing cleanouts. This information is as important as the proper construction of the home itself.

You will receive documentation that will give you invaluable peace of mind in knowing that your new home is being constructed in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC), local building codes and standards and design specifications. Schedule your New Construction inspection with Highland Home Inspections Today!

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